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Updated: May 27, 2021

Get ready for Zombie Flicks for the next two weeks. Tonight's movie will be Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #1

Last nights movie was Night of the Living Dead (1968) starring Judith O’Dea and Duane Jones.

One of my favorite things about this movie was that they didn’t waste a lot of time with boring character development with cliché dialogue. The tension begins about 5 minutes in and doesn’t let up until the end.

It begins with Johnny and his SMOKIN HOT sister Barbara going to visit their Dad’s grave. In no time, a zombie 🧟‍♂️ walks up and gets Johnny. So Barbara runs and finds a house to hide in where she meets Ben, a resourceful dude who boards the house up while Barbara (who is in shock) sits around and doesn’t do shit.

Turns out there are some other people hiding in the basement, including an asshole named Harry who wants to be the one who’s in charge.

The zombies end up dominating everyone but Ben who is unfortunately and mistakenly shot by some rednecks.

This flick was terrifying and made me question my ability to watch a zombie movie every night for the next two weeks. (Probably gonna have nightmares every night)...But I will fight through. Wish me luck!

4 Brains for Night of the Living Dead🧠🧠🧠🧠. Tonight’s movie will be Train to Busan. you #moviereview #moviereviews #zombiemovies #zombies #nightofthelivingdead

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #2

Last nights movie was Train to Busan starring Su-an Kim and Gong Yoo

Of the 120 or so movies I’ve watched and reviewed since last October (all except for 2 that I’ve never seen), this flick effected me the most. The overall craft and depth of this one was seriously stunning. It is certainly in the top 3 in the Billy Disaster catalog so far. Wow! And to think that I’ve never even heard of it until yesterday.

Yes this flick was terrifying, but it was also graceful. It was a film that obviously embraced the zombie genre while also committing itself to detailed and thoughtful storytelling.

The villain named Yon-Duk (Eui-sung Kim) may be the biggest asshole in cinema history. I found myself actually hoping that him and his asshole followers would get taken by the zombies, even though the story focuses on the lessons of compassion.

Some highlights...There are some good characters in this, but none better than Sang-hwa (Ma Dong-seok), the hero with great personality. The child, Soo-an (Su-an Kim) is also exceptional. As with almost everyone else. Another highlight is the zombies. They are ferocious and come at you like a tidal wave. And can I mention storytelling again? The use of music and well built suspense was damn near perfect. There were also no shots fired in this movie adding to the tension.

A reviewer from a publication called The Playlist named Kevin Jagernauth wrote “Train to Busan doesn’t add anything to the Zombie genre” and “lacks heart”...I could not disagree more. This movie was an artful and unique take on any genre and left me in tears. I don’t think Kevin was watching the same movie.

5 Brains for Train to Busan 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠.

Tonight’s movie will be Shaun of the Dead. ♥️ you

By the way, the killer artwork for this flick is by Motcreative. #MovieReview #MovieReviews #TrainToBusan #Zombies

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #3

Last nights movie was Shaun of the Dead starring Simon Peg and Nick Frost.

Having never seen this before last night I had no idea what to expect. (I’ve already realized that I live under a very secluded rock. But I’m slowly DIGGING OUT). I didn’t know this was a comedy! This movie was downright loony!

The scene where Shaun and Ed were selecting which records to throw at the zombie was so brilliant. “Purple Rain?”...”No”...”Sign O’ the Times?”...”Definitely not”...”The Batman soundtrack?”...”Throw it”...”Dire Straits?”...”Throw it!”...I was rolling on the ground screaming with laughter while Mrs. Disaster looked at me shaking her head😒.

I’ve only seen 3 zombie flicks and my favorite consistency so far is how there seems to always be a couple of asshole characters that you hope gets attacked by the zombies. In this case it’s Shaun’s asshole step dad and Shaun and Ed’s asshole roommate Pete. Oh! And also Dylan (total asshole!). I’m assuming that this will be a consistent theme in this 2 week zombie series.

I’ve discovered that this is considered one of the greatest zombie flicks ever made, however I didn’t think it was nearly as good as Night of the Living Dead (ZFWBD#1) or the incredible Train to Busan (ZFWBD#2) but it’s kind of apples and oranges. 3 Brains for Shaun of the Dead🧠🧠🧠 . Tonight’s movie will be 28 Days Later. ♥️you (except you Pete) #moviereview#moviereviews#shaunofthedead#zombiemovies

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #4

Last nights movie was 28 Days Later starring Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris

I hope Mrs. Disaster never has the opportunity to meet Cillian Murphy. Jesus Christ that dude is handsome. He must’ve made a deal with the Devil.

ANYWAY...getting to the movie, it was hard being on the side of the activists that let out the chimps (I wanna do that so bad) given that they ignorantly fuck everything up by doing so. These chimps are infected with a rage virus and now it’s spread everywhere. Murphy luckily survives the initial spread while in a coma for 28 days only to wake up to a dystopian London. The sequence of him wandering around town slowly discovering how bad things have gotten was so expertly done with many beautiful visual details, sound design and music (John Murphy).

He ends up finding 3 more survivors (a dad and his teenage daughter, and the bad ass Naomie Harris). They find food, fuel and eventually a heavily fortified blockade filled with military dudes.

I won’t spoil anything more but I’ll say that some of the remaining scenes left me shocked, and terribly sad. The director, Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) makes you “feel” his scenes with an emotional brush. The only thing I didn’t like was the super fast editing during attacks and action scenes. It’s confusing and I feel like it’s a cheap way increase the tempo of the moment. That being said, I’m stoked for the sequel. 4 Brains for 28 Days Later🧠🧠🧠🧠 . Tonight’s movie will be 28 Weeks Later. ♥️ you #moviereview #moviereviews #28dayslater #zombie

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #5

Last nights movie was 28 Weeks Later starring Robert Carlyle and the dude from Hurt Locker (Jeremy Renner)

There is this guy named Don (Carlyle) in this flick that is the worst, lying, fucked up, douche bad asshole in any movie I’ve ever seen. When the zombies (kind of not really. Argue about that amongst yourselves) attack him and his fellow survivors (including his wife), he bails on them and saves himself. Then he goes and lies to his kids about it...AND THEN he discovers that his wife survived and now he’s in danger of being exposed as the dickhead liar that he is. So then he finds his wife (who may be the solution that could save the world as she is carrying the virus but isn’t “zombified”) and ends up getting infected and infecting almost everyone in the only safe zone in London. What a loser! (Carlyle plays this part perfectly btw)

Hurt Locker Guy is in London with the US military that is trying to get shit under control but ends up having to deal with Carlyle’s fuck up in a truly extreme way. It’s heartbreaking.

So I found this movie to be much better and more complex than it’s predecessor, 28 Days Later (which was also awesome). The overall sense of danger and the story itself are top notch. It’s not perfect as the action and attack sequences suffer from the same lame fast edit bullshit. I really hate that. And the military macho talk makes we puke up my beer🤮. But all in all this movie was pretty rad. 4 Brains for 28 Weeks Later🧠🧠🧠🧠 . Tonight’s movie will be [Rec]. ♥️ You #moviereview #moviereviews #28weekslater #zombiemovies #zombies

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #6

Last nights movie was [REC] starring Manuela Velasco

I’ve only seen one other “found footage” flick before this one (Blair Witch when it first came out), so the effect of this movie hit me with full force. It scared the living shit out of me so badly that I had to sleep with the lights on. I honestly forgot I was watching a movie for awhile. And that’s a testament to how well they did making this.

It’s a Spanish movie about a news reporter (Velasco) and her cameraman, Pablo who go on assignment to accompany the fire department on a call to an apartment building in Barcelona where an old woman is causing a disturbance. Turns out this lady is a zombie who is locked into her 4th story apartment. The other residents are gathered downstairs waiting for help. After Velasco, Pablo and the fire department arrive, the city block has been blocked off by Authorities and no one in the building can leave.

Pablo keeps the camera on as shit gets out of hand. Which it does in a chaotic and terrifying way. The fact that there is no music and the believable acting make this seem very, Very real.

There is an attempt to make more of a story out of this in the last 10 minutes, however it’s basically a set up for a sequel. (Have you seen the sequels? Are they any good?). But this movie wasn’t about characters and storytelling… It was more like a documented event. A frightening one. 3 Brains for [REC🧠🧠🧠]. Tonight’s movie will be The Dead Don’t Die. ♥️you #moviereview #moviereviews #zombies #zombiemovie

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #7

Last nights movie was The Dead Don’t Die starring Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Tom Waits, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Chloë Sevigny, Caleb Landry Jones, Selena Gomez and many others.

If Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, and the Coen Bros did a bunch of coke, drank 100 Coors Lights, had a 4 some, and got pregnant, the zombie baby they would have would be this movie. This was the 1st Jim Jarmusch flick I’ve ever seen and holy shit!... I guarantee I’m going to do a Jim Jarmusch Flicks With Billy Disaster series ASAP. This movie was classic from the very beginning.

The opening scene introduces us to the main police characters played by Bill Murray and Adam Driver (who are funny as fuck in this flick. Everyone is actually). And who do they find in the woods?...The Great Tom Waits! I jumped out of my seat cheering and fist pumpin like I was at a Slayer show. “Up your hole with a wooden pole!”.

And then there’s the MAGA hat wearing Steve Buscemi and his dog Rumsfield! And also Bobby Wiggins (Landry Jones) who runs the raddest gas station ever!...really every character in this was funny and unique.

Every joke made you feel like it was an inside joke between you and the filmmaker. When Selena Gomez asks Adam Driver for “change for $3” and he has it in his pocket in coins (how antiquated is that?)...the delivery of the moment was so decisive and amplified the deliberate intentions of the over all dry humor. I thought it was brilliant. And the ongoing theme of the Sturgill Simpson song was such a great ongoing joke.

This movie only has 54% on Rotten and I’m guessing it’s because maybe this isn’t one of Jim Jarmusch’s best effort? I won’t know until I do that series...I can’t wait. 5 Brains for The Dead Don’t Die 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 . Tonight’s movie will be [REC 2]. ♥️you #moviereview #moviereviews #zombies #TheDeadDon’tDie #sturgillsimpson P.S....Fuck Frank Miller!

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #8 (SPECIAL EDITION! Flicks With Rosco Disaster #1)

Last nights movie was [REC] 2 starring Jonathan D. Mellor and Manuela Velasco

Well, This movie was a hell of a lot like [REC]1 but a lot flashier. It still pretends like you're the one holding the camera POV style (like those step sister videos on the internet)...(If you know what I mean..;).

At first I didn't know WHAT the hell was going on. There was too much hootin' and a'hollering' and carrying' on. I started to get kinda pissed and started yellin' to the to the guy character with the girls name (Larra) "WOULD YOU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP?" Jesus Christ he was a loud cry baby son of a bitch. Shitty over actor too. But he got what was coming to him...(If you know what I mean;)

Then shit got a little interesting..The people was in a hallway when they suddenly saw someone in the shadows...Turns out it was a goddam ZOMBIE comin' at them faster than Dale Earnhardt Senior on the home stretch!! Scared me s'bad I spilt an entire tallboy all over Bill! Holy SHIT he was pissed! So I paused the movie and had my little daughter Rosco jr. go get me another one.

The thing about these zombies is that they look a hell of a lot my Aunt Pat's neighbors back home in Georgia (they got a little meth problem)...(If you know what I mean;) And as it turns out, these zombies have bit of a thing for the lord above (Jesus Christ). And that got me thinking'...I should see if Aunt Pat's neighbors wanna go to church with us. Maybe it'll clean 'em up a smidge.

Aaaaanyways, towards the end of this flick, the girl who got dragged away at the end of [REC]1 shows up lookin' cuter than Daisy Duke in a bathin' suit♥️ and ...well shit I won't give it away, but let's just say she purt near gave me nightmares.

Well thats about it. Sure is nice Bill's lettin' us stay here awhile even if all these pinkos up here in Seattle give me the willies. "ROSCO JR., GO GET ME ANOTHER BEER, WOULD YA!?" 4 Brains for {REC}2🧠🧠🧠🧠. Tonights movie will be Zombieland. ♥️you.

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #9 (Zombie Flicks With Cousin Rosco #2...Rosco was so popular last night that he’s back tonight. Enjoy!)

Last nights movie was Zombieland starring Woody Harleston and Jesse Eisenberp

Well sheeit, Bill’s got me doin’ another one of these RE-views. And that’s fine cuz this Zombieland was pretty goddam fair to middlin’.

This one was about this city slickin’ pansy (like Bill) named Columbus wanderin’ around a town fulla meth heads..I mean zombies when he meets a real man named Tallahassee (Harleston) who reminds me of our Uncle Blaze who sometimes lets us ride around in his Camero shootin’ road signs and shit.

So they’re goin’ around killin’ zombies and whut not when they git hornswaggled by Emma Wostin and her little sister. I tell you whut, that Emma Wostin is cuter than a prosecutor after 12 or 14 tallboys (if you know what I mean😉) . Shit, that reminds me...”ROSCO JR. GET ME ANOTHER BEER WOULD YA!?”...I sure do loves that Rosco Jr...She’s only ‘bout 3 or 4 but she’s growin’up quick. Time sure goes by s’damn fast it’s like it’s drivin’ by Dale Senior.

Aaaanyway, these folks end up at Billy Murray’s house carryin’ on and whut not when suddenly we hear a song in this flick by our good buddies Pete Droge and Elaine Summers. I generally only like both kinds of music, but this damn near put a tear in my beer.

So then they go on out to the county fair and kill s’more zombies and shit. I loved it. This flick was funnier than Larry the Cable Guy on helium. 5 Brains for Zombieland🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠. Tonight’s movie will be World War Z. ♥️you #moviereviews #moviereview #zombies #zombieland

Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster #10

Last nights movie was World War Z starring Brad Pitt

Had I watched this movie at the beginning of this 2 week series I might have been more into it. But having seen so many great flicks and having learned what I have about the genre, this one was pretty embarrassing. Brad Pitt must have watched 28 Days and Weeks Later and thought, “we should make our own zombie flick and spend $200 million on it”...problem is, this movie doesn’t hold a candle to either of those films.

The scene where Brad Pitt is flying in an airliner that ends up having a zombie stowaway on it that infects most of the other passengers is a lot like an incredible scene in Train to Busan. It is a cool and exciting scene but it’s nowhere near as clever and effective as Train to Busan. And that’s kind of the deal with this entire movie. It’s big and expensive with lots of action, but it’s painfully ineffective.

There was a truly awful sequence where Pitt survives the airliner crash out in the middle of nowhere. He’s terribly injured with a long piece of metal protruding through his gut, yet he manages to walk (hundreds of miles? We don’t know.) and find the World Health Organization where he can SAVE THE WORLD ! YAY!!!

OH! And also while he was on that plane, he peers out the window and Hey look! There’s a nuclear bomb going off!... And that’s it..just a another blockbuster ingredient with no contribution to the story or sense of danger.

Of the 10 zombie movies Rosco and I have reviewed for this series, this was the worst one. 2 Brains for World War Z🧠🧠.

So that’s it for Zombie Flicks With Billy Disaster. Thanks for the recommendations and for following along. I hope you’ll join me for the next series Disaster Flicks With Billy Disaster! (earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes, alien invasions etc.!) any recommendations? Also, please check out for all the past series. ♥️You


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