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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #1 Last night’s movie was Easy Rider starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Directed by Dennis Hopper.

The first thing that popped out at me in this flick was Peter Fonda’s killer outfit with the leather jacket donning the stars and stripes, the leather pants, and those super cool sunglasses. The next obvious feature was the soundtrack. Starting with Steppenwolf’s The Pusher followed by Born to be Wild. All of the songs were perfectly selected for setting the vibe, my favorite being Jimi Hendrix’s If Six was Nine.

The lack of a story didn’t deter me from loving this film. It was such a cool hang with some great and colorful characters in a more carefree time (for Some). I had a feeling that Quentin Tarantino was inspired by this while doing Once Upon A Time In Hollywood because of all the longish driving scenes while jamming out to some tunes. Apparently, there was more of a story in it but in order for director, Dennis Hopper to cut the time down from being 3 hours long, he took out the scenes that supported the story and just let the snapshot in time take center stage.

Tarantino made a cool observation about this comparing it to an unsigned band that ended up with a #1 hit. This flick has the reputation for redefining Hollywood movies setting the stage for movies to be more like Nirvana and Sonic Youth and less like Madonna and Motley Crue.

*Spoiler*…After spending time becoming friends with Fonda, Hopper and the awesome Jack Nicholson for an hour and a half, the ending where they were murdered by some 1969 version of Trump supporter assholes really hit me. I’m still a little shaken.

Peter Fonda’s level of coolness is right up there with Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and Tyler Durden in Fight Club. I want to be him for a day.

Well, we’re off to a great start on this Road Trip series! 5 Wheels for Easy Rider ☉☉☉☉☉. Tonight’s movie will be Almost Famous. ♥️You #moviereview #moviereviews #easyrider

Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #2

Last night’s movie was Almost Famous starring Elaine Summers and Pete Droge. Written and directed by Cameron Crowe. *Light Spoilers...but you’ve already seen this one:)

Ok, I know that the stars of this flick are Kate Hudson♥️ and Patrick Fugit, however, (and I didn’t even know this) my homies Pete and Elaine make an appearance in this movie. It’s brief, but awesome. did this flick not get nominated for Best Picture in 2001? Gladiator won that year and that’s cool, but this movie was absolutely perfect. The list of reasons is long, from the story adapted from Crowe’s adolescent experience as a young writer for Rolling Stone, to the

acting (Kate Hudson ), to the great comedic editing (Sapphire running into that wall! ). I honestly haven’t loved a film this much since Train to Busan.

So much of the performances were all about facial expression. The scene where William (Fugit) is telling Penny (Hudson) the truth about her rockstar boyfriend, Russell (the intensely handsome Billy Crudup) and the variety of emotions that Penny expresses without saying a word was military grade. She broke my heart with her confident sadness. I fucking love Kate Hudson.

To add to the killer casting, we got Philip Seymour Hoffman as William’s rock critic mentor. His character was such a perfect rendition of a rock star with no band.

I love coming of age flicks and this one has been catapulted towards the top of my list. To me, what made it so well made was that no stone in the story was left unturned. At the end when Russell was apologizing to William for his treatment of Penny, I kept thinking to myself that he should also get his ass on the phone to Rolling Stone to tell them the truth about his denial of William’s writing...but lo and behold...he totally did! It was perfect.

I can’t wait to see this again. 5 Wheels for Almost Famous ☉☉☉☉☉. Tonight’s movie will be

Thelma and Louise.


Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #3

Last night’s movie was Thelma and Louise starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon. Directed by Ridley Scott.

I heard that there was some controversy with this flick about it being “anti-man”. This wasn’t anti-man…its was anti-asshole. Perhaps the guys that were offended by this film should take a close look at themselves.

Another interesting note about this one is that it was originally supposed to be Michelle Pfeiffer and Jodie Foster in the title roles. And after that didn’t work out it was gonna be Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. I imagine either one of those pairings would have been awesome, just like Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon.

One of the assholes in this was Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore. What is the deal with guys wearing gold chains? I think it makes them look kind of desperate. Anyway, Geena, for some reason married this douchebag and let him boss her around and treat her like shit. Meanwhile, Sarandon is with a sensitive musician (The awesome Michael Madsen) who is always on the road while she works at a diner.

The two of them decide to get away for awhile on a road trip and let loose. They end up at a Honky Tonk where Geena finds herself the victim of some asshole redneck who tries to rape her. Sarandon discovers the incident in progress and, with a gun they brought with them, shoots him dead. I actually pumped my fist a this scene cuz that dickhead had it coming.

So, instead of reporting this all to the police, they decide to just drive away to Mexico and hope for the best. Along the way they stumble upon a super young Brad Pitt. Geena hooks up with him but it turns out that he’s a no-good thief and he steals all of their money.

Now they’re broke and the police (led by Harvey Keitel) are on their tail and they find themselves being female Duke Boys tearing through Texas getting chased by a huge army of cops until they wind up at a cliff with nowhere to go. What happens next is probably one of the most iconic movie endings of its era.

This flick was so rad for so many reasons. I really dig most of Ridley Scott’s films and this one was so well done that it’s high on the list. Honestly, the only thing I didn’t really like was Brad Pitt who came across as creepy to me. It was my least favorite performance of his. But he was a baby at the time. 5 Wheels for Thelma and Louise 𐃏𐃏𐃏𐃏𐃏. Tonight’s movie will be Bonnie and Clyde. ♥️You

Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #4

Last night’s movie was Bonnie and Clyde (1967) starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. Directed by Arthur Penn.

I’ve been “Celebrity Single” for some time now, but NOT ANYMORE!! Congratulations to 1967 era Faye Dunaway on becoming my new Celebrity Girlfriend! Holy shit was she hot back then or what? I know that our relationship will probably be fleeting because I understand that she’s a first rate asshole, but, unlike Warren Beatty, I’m gonna treat her like she wants to be treated.

My crush on her began in the opening scene where she’s topless up in her room and catches Beatty stealing her mom’s car. And then that crush intensified soon after in the scene with the Coke bottle and the gun. That was one of the very best sexually suggestive scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

One of the things that 1967 Dunaway and I agree on is that we both think that Blanche (Estelle Parsons who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress) should have won the Academy Award for most Annoying Character Of All Time.

The star power in this flick was amazing. In addition to Beatty and Dunaway (who won Best Actress) we got Gene Hackman (won Best Actor in a Supporting Role), and Willy Wonka himself, Gene Wilder! They were all awesome.

The story is an embellished account of the real life adventure of the famous crime duo, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and their gang. It’s one of those flicks where every scene is really cool on it’s own (except when Blanche is being an irritating asshole).

I understand that this flick, much like Easy Rider, ushered in a new era in Hollywood filmmaking by taking on a few cultural risks. It wasn’t quite the artistic masterpiece that Easy Rider was,

but was still pretty rad. 4 Wheels for Bonnie and Clyde 𐃏𐃏𐃏𐃏. Tonight’s movie will be Little

Miss Sunshine. ♥️You. Especially you 1967 Faye Dunaway:)

Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #5

Last night’s movie was Little Miss Sunshine starring Abigail Breslin and Alan Arkin. Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

This flick made me want to do a Dysfunctional Family Flicks With Billy Disaster series. It also convinced me of what kind of grandfather I wanna be when that time comes. Alan Arkin plays Edwin the no filter grandpa and he’s awesome! His carefree, don’t give a fuck attitude during his golden years was an inspiration. On snorting heroin..”When you’re young, you’re crazy to

do that shit...When you’re old you’re crazy NOT to do it”!

Greg Kinnear as the hapless and desperate dad, Richard, was so perfect that he almost stole the show. He was pathetic and annoying, but his dedication to his family was endearing. And if you were ever a teenager, Paul Dano’s role as the depressed 15 year old spoke to you like he did to me.

But the stars were Breslin as the young daughter with dreams of being a beauty pageant winner and her grandpa who spends a lot of time working on her strip tease dance for the talent section of the pageant. (I won’t actually teach that to my grandkids:). OH! And Steve Carell as Uncle Frank!

The whole broken horn on their van had me el-oh-elling like crazy. The entire movie was a charming ride and a joy to watch. 4 Wheels for Little Miss Sunshine 𐃏𐃏𐃏𐃏. Tonight’s movie

will be Nebraska. ♥️You

Road Trips With Billy Disaster #6

Last night’s movie was Nebraska starring Bruce Dern and June Squibb. Directed by Alexander Payne.

If I ever get a chance to meet June Squibb, I’m gonna give her a big hug for her performance in this flick. There’s a scene where she and her immediate family are visiting their deceased friends and other family at the cemetery that was so funny that I had to watch it twice. This movie isn’t exactly a comedy, but Squibb’s personality and delivery are so good that the scene itself is worth the price of admission. When her son David asks her “Where is your family?…she responds…”Oh, they’re over in the Catholic cemetery. Catholics wouldn’t be caught dead around all these damn Lutherans.” 🤣

Bruce Dern plays Woody, a slow old man who lives in Billings Montana with his awesome wife, Kate (Squibb). Woody receives one of those Publishers Clearing House style letters saying he won a million dollars with the small print saying “if you have the right matching numbers.”. But Woody falls for it and is determined to travel to Nebraska to collect his winnings. On foot (his mind is succumbing to old age).

His son, super boring son, David discovers him and after trying to tell him the reality of the million dollars, comes to terms with the fact that his dad doesn’t have it in him to recognize the truth. The belief that he has won a million dollars gives him a fresh purpose in life. After David sees this, he decides to drive him to Nebraska himself.

Now we have a father/son road trip that takes us through Woody’s home town of Hawthorn Nebraska where we learn much about Woody’s past. It’s a small town where it seems everyone is over 70 years old and they all remember Woody. And upon hearing about the “million dollars”, many of them would like a piece of it. It sets up one great scene after another.

The story telling in this is fucking awesome. You never know when your being set up for a joke or having to reach for your handkerchief. If you’ve ever spent any time in rural America, then you’ll relate to all of the side characters and family members. I really loved this one. 5 Wheels for Nebraska 𐃏𐃏𐃏𐃏𐃏. Tonight’s movie will be The Hitcher. ♥️You

Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #7

Last night’s movie was The Hitcher (HBO Max) starring Rutger Hauer and C. Thomas Howell. Directed by Robert Harmon.

This borderline extraordinary flick was made out of a perfect storm of casting. C. Thomas Howell was a young up and comer and was pretty intimidated by Rutger Hauer, which was perfect for the chemistry of their characters.

Howell plays a young traveler named Jim driving from Chicago to San Diego, who picks up a hitchhiker named John Ryder (Hauer) on a lonely highway on a stormy night. Turns out that John is a psychopath that enjoys the cat and mouse game of killing people. John lets Jim know almost immediately that he plans on killing him. Hauer definitely uses the fact that he intimidates Howell in real life to capture incredible performances from both of them. It’s fascinating to watch.

I would bet my house that Anthony Hopkins drew a ton of inspiration from Hauer’s character for his role as Hannibal Lecter. Hauer’s bad guy expertise was on full display here. He was complex and menacing, while maintaining a certain charm. He was one of a kind.

Another great casting move was Jennifer Jason Lee as Jim’s (kind of) love interest. He meets her at a lonely truck stop diner after he escapes his first “hauering" encounter with John. (Get it?:). Jason Lee plays her role as if she’s a diner waitress in her late 60’s even though she’s probably in her mid 20’s. The result is a young lady who carries herself with experience and wisdom. This was my 2nd favorite performance of hers behind Stacy in Fast Times.

The fact that this was Robert Harmon’s directorial debut makes this flick that much more amazing. The suspense is like Hitchcock at its best. There were some cheesy 80’s moments towards the end, but this movie was so good that those cheese moments can be forgiven. 5 Wheels for The Hitcher 🛞🛞🛞🛞🛞. Tonight’s movie will be Deathrace 2000. ❤️You

Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #8

Last night’s movie was Death Race 2000 (Tubi) starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. Directed by Paul Bartel.

This flick was recommended by my homie, Clint who warned me that this was a “So Bad It’s Good” flick. I have to disagree with Clint (again...The Warriors). I really dug this movie. It was entertaining with some super great characters and a compelling story. Lots of good action, too. Now, there are some elements that expose it’s limited budget and it’s campy nature. However these things were, for the most part, well played.

Made in 1975, the story takes place in the future (2000). America went through a “Great Crash” back in ’79 and Mr. President has taken over the country as a dictator (did Trump see this and get all hot and bothered?). In straight up Hunger Games fashion, He creates the Transcontinental Road Race where top contestants race from one side of the country to the other, earning points by killing people along the way. For instance, you get 10 points for killing a man and 40 points for killing a woman. More points are awarded for babies and elders. No one claims that this flick is tasteful.

Speaking of Hunger Games, I don’t think there would have been a Hunger Games if it weren’t for Death Race 2000. They borrowed a shitload from DR2K. Beyond the basic premise itself, there is also the over the top television event announcer (the awesome Don Steele), the evil president, and the variety of contestants and their allies. have the resistance with plans to overthrow the president.

The characters range from stoic heroic (Carradine) to annoying asshole (Stallone). Everyone is almost like a cartoon character from the 70’s with names like Calamity Jane, Herman the German, Machine Gun Joe, Nero the Hero, Matilda the Hun etc. And special shout out to Bill Morey who plays an amazing Walter Cronkite type news man. He was awesome.

Well Clint, I’m guessing you didn’t expect 4 Wheels for Death Race 2000 🛞🛞🛞🛞.

Tonight’s movie will be Road Trip. ❤️ You

Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #9

Last nights movie was Road Trip starring Tom Green and Seann William Scott. Directed by Todd Phillips.

I only made it through half of this pile of shit. 1 Wheel for Road Trip 🛞. Tonight’s movie will be Kalifornia. ❤️You

Road Trip Flicks With Billy Disaster #10

Last night’s movie was Kalifornia starring Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis. Directed by Dominic Sena

DAMMITT!! This flick could have been an instant classic had the creators made one simple decision…SHITCAN DAVID DUCHOVNY AND MICHELLE FORBES AND THEIR SHITTY CHARACTERS! God they were awful! Especially in contrast with Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis who were incredible.

This one was about two boring white yuppies (Duchovny and Forbes) who travel across the country to visit various sites where killings have taken place by serial killers. Duchovny is a writer and Forbes is a photographer. They are hoping that this trip will yield them a book. Problem is, they don’t have quite enough dough to make the trip so they decide to work out a ride share to help with the cost of gas etc. Enter Pitt and Lewis.

Pitt plays a Kentucky back roads trailer park trump supporter type who lives with his sweet but dim witted girlfriend (Lewis). They end up getting evicted from their trailer and decide to head to California despite the fact that Pitt is on parole. They end up in the ride share with Duchovny and Forbes and now we have oil and water. These two couples couldn’t be more different.

Turns out that Pitt is a dangerous killer who gets away with brutally murdering people. Lewis seems to know this but lives in denial. This is what brings us into the good and bad of this flick.

The characters of Pitt and Lewis are supremely complicated and deep while portraying “simple people”. The performances of these roles were next level awesome. I read that Pitt took this role because he was looking for something less “pretty boy” than his previous roles. In this, he is super entertaining in his shitkickin’ hillbilly good ol’ boy part. He is charming while being deplorable with his stars and bars hat. He’s also creepy as hell.

But the most amazing performance was by Lewis. Yes, she’s dim witted, but when we learn more about her tragic life, the more we realize that she has compartmentalized the massive negativity in her life and built a wall around it. She is an optimist living with the devil.

Duchovny and Forbes embarrassed themselves in this movie. It’s almost like they knew that their characters were so bad that they mailed in their performances. 4 Wheels for Kalifornia 🛞🛞🛞🛞.

Billy Disaster will return in October with Scary Movies III with the return of Star Anna! ❤️You


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