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Ok, not all of the Batman movies. I'm not including the animated films or lame ass Justice League flicks or the one made in 1966 (never seen it. Not going to). Let's get it on!

#10 Batman & Robin

The only reason to watch this pile of shit is the SMOKIN HOT Uma Thurman.

#9 Batman Forever

The only reason to watch this pile of shit is the SMOKIN HOT Nicole Kidman

#8 The Dark Knight Rises

This is where things start getting good in this ranking. The weakest link in the Dark Knight trilogy is still pretty bad ass. As weird as Bane's Sean Connery impression is, this is still a high quality superhero flick that kicks the shit out of most Marvel movies.

#7 Batman Returns

When this movie came out, I loved the music so much that I bought the soundtrack that included a killer rendition of the movies main theme by Souxie and the Banshees. This flick has an awesome cast featuring Danny DeVito, Christopher Walken, and the super sexy Michelle Phieffer.

#6 Batman Begins

The 1st of Christopher Nolan's trilogy was iconic when it came out. I don't think anyone had made such a dark and serious superhero film before it and it blew everyone away. Liam Neeson was so good as he always is and Scarecrow scared the living shit out of Mrs. Disaster and I.

#5 Batman

The ultimate reboot of a comic book character this side of Christopher Reeves' Superman. 30 years after Adam West's version of The Caped Crusader, this was such a perfect reintroduction. Tim Burton crushed it with almost everything in this with the possible exception of Michael Keaton as our hero. It bothered me when it came out, and it bothers me now.

#4 The Lego Batman Movie

Dammit! Did I say I wasn't going to include any of the animated flicks? Well, I couldn't resist throwing this one in. There are 1000 gags that fly by faster than Dale Jr. coming down the straight away and the clever references to everything Batman up to that point were perfectly perfect. "Remember, kids! If you want to be like Batman, take care of your abs! 😂"

#3 The Batman

Two things...Nirvana's "Something in the Way"..and Batman's Mad Max style Batmobile. Robert Pattinson is the reason why you don't cast Michale Keaton as Bruce Wayne. And he was exactly what I was looking for to take over for the good but annoying Christian Bale. I loved how gritty and dark the whole thing was. I didn't love that it was like 10 hours long.

#2 The Dark Knight

The ever increasing danger in this has in my mind never been matched. And (duh) Heath Ledger's Joker is the Greatest Villain Of All Time. Batman himself is actually the only lame part of this masterpiece.

#1 Joker

Am I trying to be provocative? Maybe, but I actually think that this is one of the best movies ever made so I had to include it. The fact that Joaquin Phoenix created a different yet even more dangerous Joker than Heath Ledger's was almost unthinkable. But he did it with one of the most amazing performances ever. His psychotic laughing/crying still hurts me to this day. When I first saw this in the theatre, I came out understanding why some theaters refused to show it. The study of madness through depression was so powerful that I still don't want my teenage kids to watch it. I cannot WAIT for the sequel. If it's even half as good it will probably still be near the top of this list. ♥️You


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